Current Farm Operations

The Farm - Click here for a Google Map

The Hebblewhite ‘Moana’ meat chicken production operations, which are located 40 minutes from the abattoir, are currently comprised of 8 tunnel ventilated sheds with state of the art computer controllers. There are 56,000 chickens per shed, with a production capacity of 2.4 million birds per annum. There are two permanent staff and two casuals employed at these facilities.

The ‘Moana’ operation has secure off take agreements in place with Australia’s market leaders in fresh chicken and poultry products, Baiada Poultry (Steggles). The Hebblewhite family has been under contract to Steggles for a continuous term of nearly 40 years.

Supply Contracts are usually based on a term up to 15 years. The structure revolves around annual volumes of chicken meat produced per metre square. The fees received are adjusted annually for any movements in variable costs and inflation. Cashflow is predictable and stable.

Poultry meat production is basically Non Weather Dependant. The industry does not rely on rainfall for its profitability. However rainfall is welcome for broadacre farmers who supply the industry feed grains.

Controlling the environment within sheds is critical to ensure optimum performance. This is done with sophisticated computer controls monitoring feed and water consumption along with generator backups.